How To Buy & Sell Mobile Homes Using Other Peoples Money
You can become a Cash Creator yourself by learning how to leverage mobile homes using other people’s money and no money out of pocket either.

Case Study

How I Wholesaled 150 Mobile Homes By Leveraging Social Media & Apps

Did you know that you can use social media and apps on your phone to buy and sell mobile homes with none of your own money or none of your own credit needed? You read that right! I’m living proof that you can buy and sell mobiles homes with no money of your own and no credit of your own either. Join me on an upcoming Live Webinar where I share the secrets to how I have wholesaled 150 mobile homes by leveraging social media and apps that anyone can use.

Our Process

10 Steps To Buying & Selling Mobile Homes

Step One

We walk you through our step-by-step process of setting up your business the right way.

Step Two

You’ll discover the importance of building your buyers list and how it can double or triple your sales.

Step Three

How to leverage social media and literally be able to buy and sell mobile homes from couch.

Step Four

You’ll learn how to locate mobile home parks and how to “drive for dollars.”

Step 5

How to talk with others about their mobile home without being salesy.

Step Six

What to look for in a mobile home so you don’t lose your shirt.

Step Seven

Contracts, Contracts & Contracts and why you need them done right.

Step Eight

How to advertise the mobile home to sell it quickly and profitably.

Step Nine

How to close the deal in record times and protect your interests.

Step Ten

Collecting the money. How to get paid.


Over the past 4 years, we have created over $357,000 in cashflow every month for ourselves and our investors. Just so you know, we have wholesaled 150 mobile homes and we have completed 450 mobile home fix and flips in 11 different states.

Best of all, 309 families have been given homes so far (as of December 2018) and that number is growing every single week! It brings joy to our hearts to be able to give a quality home to families who could not afford a house otherwise.

Join us in our mission of helping you become financially free with mobile home investing and helping families around the World become home owners themselves..



Fix & Flips




Families Given Homes




“I believe what separates Chimene from her competition is her heart. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and she only does deals that are a win win for everyone.”

Tom McDonald


“I started investing with Chimene and loved her program. She mentored me and I was able to complete 4 deals in a month. I definitely recommend her for anyone.”

Michael Troffimoff


“I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a passive income stream. You will not be disappointed.”



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