Chimene Van Gundy is known as the “The Mobile Home Millionaire” and she has been called the “Queen of Mobile Homes” because she has fixed, flipped, and wholesaled more than 450 mobile homes in just the past 4 years. Chimene is on a mission to help others become cash creators and learn how to easily buy and sell mobile homes with no money down and even no credit.


After completing her BA in Criminal Justice from UTSA in 2006, Chimene worked multiple jobs in the corporate world as well as working as the lead Paralegal for several different law firms.  After being laid off in 2015 from her corporate job, Chimene decided not to return to a JOB and go it alone. She read Rich dad poor dad and states that this book ‘really changed her life”.


Having spent time in and out of the foster care system, no one taught her about money, credit, or budgets. So, after hearing her husband say “I believe in you” she read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and that book became a wake-up call for her. She took some real estate education classes and got herself a mentor and well the rest is history.


Chimene is the mother of five children. 24, 18, 15, 7, and 5. She runs and manages 5 different companies. She is known as the “The Mobile Home Millionaire” and has been called the “Queen of Mobile Homes” because she has fixed, flipped, and wholesaled more than 450 units to date.

Proven Success

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Chimene Van Gundy has wholesaled more than 150 mobile home units in 11 states. She has fixed and flipped roughly 450 mobile home units in 11 states. Went from negative $50,000 in net worth to over $2 million in net worth in just 14 months. Her achievements gained her a nomination to be considered for the Rich Dad International Hall of Fame within 1 year and she was chosen to be inducted to be in their Hall of Fame. Then Chimene Van Gundy has also been featured in a collaborative book called “Wealth For Women” where she is identified as one of the Top 18 Female Real Estate Investors who can help people get Wealthy in Real Estate.



Fix & Flips

Families Given Homes



We are Cash Creators and Action Takers! We strive for excellence and never settle for mediocrity. We devote our lives to being actual reflections of the way we speak and the way we live.

We are willing to give up today for a better life tomorrow. We rise against the naysayer investors who believe mobile homes are “trailer trashy” or not a good way to generate wealth.

We are dedicated to creating WIN/WIN scenarios for everyone, because we can! We live by abundance principles and believe the more we give the more we receive.

We are committed to changing lives and providing housing to as many people as possible. We believe mobile homes are little boxes that spit out cash. We are not “trailer trashy” We are “Trailer CASH-EY!”.

…and Because we can… we CHOOSE To Live Free! 


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