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In today’s video. We’re going to talk about are manufactured homes as good as modular homes. I get this question a lot manufactured homes are actually completely constructed in a factory and then transported to the home site. Once they arrive at their destination, they are indistinguishable from site built homes. They can be moved again because they have wheels and axles. This allows the entire process from start to finish, to be overseeing with consistency and accuracy, which cuts down on many of the delays and disruptions in traditionally built homes. They are built according to federal construction codes from housing and urban development known as HUD.

However, modular homes are also built in factories, but are governed by local and state billing codes. Although sometimes States will adopt the federal code. Modular homes are either built on a permanent chassis or a temporary one.  Homes built on a permanent chassis are referred to being “on-frame”. And those built on a temporary one are referred to “off-frame”. 

Whether the home is built on on or off-frame will affect how the home is assembled at its destination site. Mobile homes are any manufactured home built prior to June 15th, 1976. They are now obsolete due to the changes with HUD. They have since been replaced by the modern term, manufactured home.

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