Today my mentor, Dr. Marijo Wilson, and I will be sharing why we believe real estate investing is the best. There are so many things that make real estate such an amazing vehicle and we will be sharing a few of those with you today!

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and in today’s video, we’re going to talk about why real estate investing is the best. And joining me today and this video, if my mentor, Dr Marijo Wilson, she’s actually been training men and mentoring in real estate for more than 15 years. If you have a chance to speak to this phenomenal lady, I would suggest that you do. So we’re going to talk about why real estate investing is the best. So one reason that I can tell you that it’s the best is because you can be active or passive. Active means that you’re actively involved in those real estate transactions. You’re out there fixing and flipping. You’re there, you’re working every single day. Passive is actually where you sit back and you don’t do anything. You’re just sitting back and collecting the check. What else can you do, Marijo? Well, one of the things that’s really, really neat about real estate investing is that you can get started with no money and no credit.So everybody qualifies, right? If you were asking rueful of people, how many of you have no money and no credit? Everybody should be able to raise their hand. So that’s one of the huge advantages of real estate investing. If I want to go buy $100,000 worth of stocks and bonds, guess what? I have to have $100,000 yet. But if I want to go buy real estate, I might be able to get the seller to carry the financing. If I have a little bit of money and some credit, I might be able to get the bank to give me money. So there’s a lot of advantages to real estate investing. What else is really important with that? Well, you asked for can leverage, right? You can leverage things so you can leverage relationships and you can leverage any money that you have. Remember that your network is your net worth.  And my mentor taught me that a long time ago. And then there’s also the four buckets of money. And I’m going to let Marijo tell you about those. So we’re just going to be very brief about the four buckets of money because we actually did another video and I’ll be dead buckets of money, but the four buckets are cashflow. Make sure your real estate is going to cashflow for you. In other words, put money in hip pocket national bank every single month. That’s right. So we want to have cashflow, we want to have appreciation. That appreciation is going to be the icing on the cake. We don’t buy for something that we just think is going to go up because the market may not do that. We want to buy real estate because we get depreciation. That’s our third bucket of money. And we get principal pay down because when the tenant pays every month, we pay off our debt service and net pays the principal down, giving us a higher amount of equity in that property. So our four buckets of money and also principal day down means that every month when you’re doing that, you’re actually owing less and less and somebody else who’s making those payments for you. So this makes real estate and amazing vehicle and we hope this video helps you understand why we love so much and why real estate investing is the best investment choice.

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