Joining me today is my mentor and coach Dr. Marijo Wilson. In this video we will be sharing how to determine which real estate investments are best. Of course the best investment is the one with the greatest ROI right!? We also will explain a few different investing strategies to use depending on your starting place.

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Hi, this is Dr Marijo Wilson, and I’d like you to make sure that you know who this wonderful lady is. This is Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire. And I mentored her back in 2016 and she is my star number one student because she took everything I taught her and she took it to the next level. So I’m so proud of her. Today we’re going to be talking about what is the best real estate investments? Is it probate? Is it mobile homes? Is it single family homes? Is it commercial? Just exactly Chimene what’s the best real estate investment deal out there? It’s whatever gives you the best ROI, right? So ROI is return on investment. So I happen to think that that is mobile homes or the other two asset classes in real estate that are actually recession-proof, which are land and self storage. Isn’t that great? So how do we actually talk about ROI? Return on investment. What you do is you sit there and you figure out the numbers. So you have to know your numbers. It’s basic math. But guess what? When you put a dollar sign in front of the numbers, it makes it a lot easier, right? So you go through and you evaluate which deal is going to give you your best numbers and you, if you don’t know how to do that, get somebody to teach you how to do it because the numbers are really, really important. If you can invest in something and make a 10% return or invest in something and make a 15% return, do you like 10% better or 15% better? Right? So you want to look at what your best return on your investment is. Because we talk about the rule of 72 we talk about the rule of 72 is how long it takes your money to double. So you take your interest rate, you divide that into the number 72 and it will tell you the number of years it takes your money to double. So if you can start doubling your numbers a lot faster, you can build that wealth, get out of the rat race, and finally become independent. So when you have more time than money, then the wholesale strategy is best. That means that you actually don’t make any money or credit in order to get started. But there’s other things that you need to evaluate too in the process, don’t you, Marijo? Absolutely. So if you’re a professional, you’re a doctor, you’re a dentist, you’re an engineer, you may be in a position where you have a lot more money than you have time. That’s when you want to start looking at turn key real estate deals you get in the game, but you get in based on where you are. That’s right. And one of the best turn key real estate deals or passive income deals is owner financing where you actually get to be the bank and you’re not dealing with being a landlord and dealing with those forties which is toilets, tenants, trash and termites. We hope that this video helps you understand what the best real estate investing is and you also need to just make sure that it actually fits your lifestyle.

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