Joining me today is my mentor and coach Dr. Marijo Wilson, and in this video we will be sharing the reasons why we think real estate is better than investing in stocks!

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and in today’s video we’re going to talk about is real estate investing better than stocks. Joining me today is my mentor and coach, Dr Marijo Wilson. She’s been a mentor and trainer in real estate for more than 15 years. And we’re going to talk about, is real estate investing better than stocks? Yes it is. Absolutely. So Marijo, can you tell us why? Well, I think the reason, the number one reason, there’s lots of reasons, but the number one reason that I like to think and, and believe totally with my entire heart and everything in my being that real estate is better than stocks is because number one, you have control, you have control of your asset. And so with your money being invested, you have collateral. Uh, the banks won’t loan on you to go buy a stock portfolio, but the banks will give you money and you can leverage real estate. So that’s really the biggest difference is the fact that you’ve got an underlying collateral. And if you think with the bank loan on something that they felt was going to be risky, no, they won’t. They’re very, very safe and they’re conservative with the money that they lend. So they’ll lend you money to go out and be able to leverage real estate. Now when that real estate goes up in value, guess what? You’re getting the entire value of all of the money invested. You might’ve put in 20% the bank puts in 80% but you get all of the returns on that entire thing. So you get a really great return on investment. And so yes, you still need to know about real estate markets, real estate market cycle as well. Real estate markets, you’ve got certain areas that are gonna go up. You’ve got other areas that are going to correct, but you have to keep apprised of it. You don’t just invest your money and then forget it, walk away and think it’s going to take care of itself. So anything that you’re investing in, you want to have the knowledge, you want to have the background, you want to keep updated and know what’s happening in that market. But when you’re dealing with stocks, you have no underlying collateral. That’s why the banks won’t even lend you money on it. So if you think about it, what about those people that invested in Enron, for example, they thought they had invested in this great stock and somebody was cooking the books. So you don’t really know what’s happening. What about nine 11 people didn’t know that was going to happen. So you have all these outside, all these outside happenings that are going on that you’re totally not in control of this affecting your portfolio. Look at what’s happening with China right now, right? So we’ve got a lot of people who are seeing the stock market going up and down a lot. And again, no collateral. So that’s why real estate is absolutely the best investment that you can do. And the other thing that I want to talk about of why real estate investing is better than stocks is actually on November 15th, 2018 MarketWatch released an article in a study where they actually shown that mobile homes and mobile home parks are the only [inaudible] any stock that maintain or increase in value during market slumps on the S&P 500 over the last decade. I mean imagine that this really breaks down the false beliefs that people not thinking that mobile homes first of all are even a good asset, right? Cause people think of them as trailer trash. And we talked about that earlier in one of my last videos, but just the fact that that’s how stable it is. Right? So in 2008 we did have a recession and market slump and that really affected the real estate market. But there’s areas of real estate, like I said before, that are recession proof that has land mobile homes and south storage. Name one stock in the stock market. That’s recession proof. I just showed you one. And that is actually mobile homes, which is a recession proof asset class. So I hope this video helps you with your understanding and now you have knowledge that real estate investing is hands down better than stocks every day. And I look forward to helping you become a cash creator.

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