Today I am joined by my mentor Dr. Marijo Wilson, and in this video we will be sharing the reasons why you get started in real estate investing and the benefits it can provide.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and in today’s video, we’re going to talk about why you get started into real estate investing or why get into real estate investing. And joining me today, and this video is my mentor, Dr Marijo Wilson. She’s been mentoring and train and the real estate space for 15 years. She’s a phenomenal lady. We’re going to talk about why you get started into real estate investing or why get into real estate investing. So one of the reasons it’s for passive income, that means that you’re just sitting back and collecting a check. It’s forever cash that’s coming, it’s mailbox money and it’s coming to you every month. What’s the next one, Marijo? The next one would be tax benefits. So even people who might not even like real estate investing, they might want some tax benefits where they get that depreciation on their tax return to offset the active income that they’re making.  So you get phenomenal tax benefits through your real estate investing. And the next one is OPT and OPM. OPM is other people’s money and OPT is other people’s time. So these are great strategies for you to use and a reason for you to get into real estate. Other people’s money is money obviously, that you’re not using of your own and opt is other people’s time. So you can leverage both of those and make some very, very creative ways to really make money in real estate. That’s what we talked about on one video, which was the turnkey real estate investing, right where you can just put your money in and it’s a turnkey operation. Now another one is going to be none of your own money and none of your own credit. And we’ve done another video where we talked about a lot of different strategies where you could get into real estate investing.  You don’t have to have any of your own money and you don’t have to have any of your own credit. So that’s really phenomenal. And guess what? All of you can qualify for no money and no credit deals. And how about the next one? That’s amazing. So the other one is it’s a better ROI on your money versus the bank. So I sometimes chuckle at people when I say, well, when I hear them say all my money’s in the bank, I mean, what percentage are you getting on that money? Right? The bank is borrowing money off of the money that’s in your account yet you won’t actually take action and not be afraid, right? To actually do something to turn your life around. So having a better ROI versus the bank is another way that real estate investing is amazing. So with that bank issue, so what the bank does is the big actually takes your money and they invest it, right? Right. They didn’t, they don’t hardly pay you anything for it, but they’re making great returns. So that’s why we teach you how to become the bank instead of you giving your money to them. And then the final thing with real estate is you actually have collateral. Unlike the stock market where I have no collateral with real estate, when you learn how to do this right, you’re buying properties that are going to go up in value, that are giving you cash flow, giving you tax benefits and principal pay down. So you let somebody else pay for it. So you’re getting amazing collateral with all the advantages that we talked about. And if you do turnkey, you eliminate the forties which we’ve talked about that. Yep. And you get your four buckets of money. So it all starts coming together for you in why get involved in real estate investing. That’s right. So we hope this video has helped you to know why we got involved into real estate investing and why you should get involved in real estate investing as well.

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