For the ABC’s of real estate investing I want to focus on three main topics: Appreciation, Bargains, and Cash Flow.

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I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and Mobile Home Millionaire, Today we’re discussing the ABC’s of real estate buying & selling.

1. “A” for appreciation.

A property that appreciates increases in value; this is one of the key properties those involved in real estate look for. They want to make sure that their asset is going to actually increase in value over time. It is really important.

2. “B” for bargains

This is my absolute favorite. I love hunting for bargains. Anyone who is a quality communicator, loves networking, and and values creating relationships will excel at finding bargains. Remember that bargain really means finding a motivated seller, and making sure that we can solve their problems to create a win win situation for everybody.

3. “C” for cash flow

Most involved in real estate have the stereotype of being “asset rich and cash flow poor.” This is not the case for those who diversify into smart markets such as mobile homes, land, and self storage, which are all recession-proof assets.

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