The short answer to this question is YES of course they can! In this video I explain a little bit about how this is possible, and share some of my own personal experiences with mobile homes increasing in value.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s video we’re going to talk about cam mobile homes increase in value. Well, the short answer is yes, of course they can. Most people will still pay for mobile homes and they’ll pay more typically because usually it’s three to four times cheaper than traditional real estate. They also can be rehabbed. Now I’ve got several incidents, instances where I have purchased mobile homes for about two to $3,000 the great thing that I love about mobile homes is very little money goes into rehab. I can put in three to $5,000 and make it like new. I’ve been able to take that mobile home that I put three to $5,000 in, right? So now we’re at eight $9,000 and I’ve been able to owner finance it out and sell it at 20 with the $5,000 down payment.  Being able to get most of my money back before we even started this has makes it a great way to increase the value. Also, you’ve heard of location, location, location. It’s everything. People will always pay more money for the right location. If there’s a mobile home park in a metropolitan area and they want to live there, people hands down will pay more money than what the mobile home was worth just so that they can be in that location. And also they’re durable. As long as I haven’t like suffered a fire or anything, then they’re still structurally sound and they can be rehabbed. And also if you use the owner finance strategy and you become the bank, you can increase the value as well. Making sure that you stay away from those rentals where you’re having to deal with toilets, trash tenants and termites and they don’t really have pride of ownership. Increasing the value in your mobile home by using your owner financing strategy is a great way to keep your value up in your mobile home. Making sure that you protect your asset and I hope this video proves to you and helps you know that mobile homes can increase in value. They are little boxes that spit out cash and I can’t wait to help you become a cash creator.

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