There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding this question, or people just automatically assume that because a mobile home is a home that its real property. This actually isn’t the typical case! In this video I explain a little more in depth what it takes for a mobile home to be considered real property, and some of the downsides that can come along with that.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s video we’re going to talk about are mobile homes real property? Now there’s a lot of confusion around this topic, so I want to clear some things up. A mobile home can be considered real property and real estate when it’s attached to land. That means that you might have a two acre lots sitting out there with a mobile home on it. If it’s attached to land, then it actually becomes real property, meaning that it has a deed of trust, but a lot of people don’t manufactured housing. You actually can elect to have it real property or personal property, meaning that you don’t have to have it attached to land if you don’t want to. You can combine them. A lot of people think that if mobile homes are attached to property or land that they actually become more valuable. Well, in some cases this is true, but it really depends on the location. I’ve had mobile homes that had been in city parks and they actually are more valuable than the mobile home sitting on an acre of land. But also with that comes more problems. You’re gonna run into things like if you end up renting out that mobile home that you got as an investment on land, somebody can pull a truck right up in there in the middle of the night and haul off with your asset and then you don’t know what happened to it and now you have to hunt that person down. The other thing is dealing with more critters environments. If they’re not up keeping with the property and they’re not making sure that their underbelly is free of holes and then that skirting stays on the mobile home, you’re going to have critters and Barman’s that are going to start eating your power and sewer and water lines and it’s going to cause a bunch of issues for you. So just because your mobile home is attached to land does not mean it’s more valuable or profitable. But mobile homes can be real property if they’re attached to land. And I hope that this answers any questions about it that you have. I can’t wait to help you be a cash creator. 

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