Studies have shown that mobile homes are actually one of the few asset classes in real estate that are recession proof. In this video I will be talking about some of the reasons this has remained true over the past decade.

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I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and Mobile Home Millionaire. Today’s we’re breaking down a question I get asked all the time: Are mobile homes recession proof?

Firstly, during the 2008 market crash and recession, mobile homes increased increased by 25%. Mobile homes are the only affordable housing left in America, making them a very sought after asset class. Additionally, on November 15th, 2018 MarketWatch released an article and a study showing that mobile homes and mobile home parks were the only asset and the only stock on the S&P500 that maintained or increased in value during market slumps and in recessions. And that’s been over the past decade.

Additionally, MarketWatch noted that one in three seniors are selling their real property and opting to buy mobile homes. They are moving to places like Texas and Florida into amazing retirement communities where they can actually live their lives without being strapped and being taxed from their real property. Ten thousand people turn 65 years and older every day in the U.S. and if one in three are buying a mobile home or manufactured house, that means there’s an amazing gold mine opportunity.

A little tid-bit for those interested as well: For every new mobile home that is sold an old one has to be removed. Mobile home dealers who sell new homes are required to give away a used home in order to put an individual into a new home.

There are mobile homes all around us; they’re an incredible, recession-proof asset class, and it’s why I chosen to remain in this asset class forever.

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