Cash flow is one of the many amazing benefits of real estate investing! If you make the right investments, your properties can not only pay for themselves, but also have residual cash flow that you can leverage in many different ways. So how can we get cash flow investments? Well in today’s video I am going to share some of those tips and strategies with you!

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and in today’s video we’re going to talk about cash flow real estate. Now a lot of people want to know what real estate investments actually cash flow the best, so I’m going to go with you the ones which I think cashflow the best and have given me the overall best cashflow and best return on my money. The first one is of course mobile homes, right? Mobile homes really are little boxes thatspit out cash. They’re amazing. You typically can get 400 to $600 a door and if you own or finance them out and you’re the bank, guess what? You’re not dealing with the four T’s of rentals, which is toilets, tenants, trash and termites. Meaning that you just get to sit back and collect your money and that’s the best of all.

The next one is land.  Land has very little competition. You actually can find land all over theU s vacant land. A lot of people inherit land and they don’t know what to do with it. They’ll inherite a one or two acre parcel and then when they find out they have to be taxes on it, they really don’t want to do it. So land is an amazing way to actually put cash flow into your pocket and guess what? You can be the bank on it too.

The third one is self storage. Self storage is also ever a session proof asset class, just like mobile homes and just like land self storage is awesome as long as you’re doing it in a area that’s not oversaturated. And some areas you can actually use pods, you know you see the little storage pods that are sent all over right? And they, they, they pull up and they’re dropped at your house.  You can use those pods and turn them into self storage on a plot of land. And a lot of times it’s personal property and then that lowers your taxes. So make sure that you’re checking your area of self storage as another cash flow real estate investment.

This one that I’m going to share with you next is one that most people don’t even know about. This is converting old motels into one bedroom efficiency apartments all over the u s you’ve got these one story motels all over and all these cities, right, and they’re back from the 70s and eighties most of those motels, those owners don’t have enough money to keep up with the big Hiltons or Marriott’s will. Those owners want to cash out of those properties too. You actually can take those and turn them into energy efficient apartments and basically make about six to $700 a door giving you a cash cow. 

And the last one is Airbnb. Buying a property and be able, being able to Airbnb it out is an amazing way for you to cash flow your property. A lot of people are able to make three times the amount of money that they’d make on their home versus renting out the home. Just doing airbnb. A lot of people want to be able to stay places and they really liked the comfort of staying in a home that’s fully stocked and furnished instead of happening to be in a hotel. And more and more people are wanting to cook their own, their own food as we’re going more vegan and organic. So these are some amazing ways for you to cash flow your real estate investments and good luck finding cash flow for you.

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