If you have never heard the term “underbelly” before, don’t sweat it! In this video I will be explaining all about the underbelly of mobile homes, how important they are, and why you should ALWAYS inspect the underbelly during your mobile home walk throughs.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and today we’re going to be talking about what is the underbelly of a mobile home. So the underbelly of a mobile home is actually the tar, the black tars-ish looking paper that holds everything in. It actually is what we call them, the industry keeping in the guts. The guts at the mobile home are all of the insulation and the other things that need to be held in so that we make sure that all of our plumbing and all of our systems and our sewer lines are all protected. So I’m gurus will tell you to just walk the mobile home. But what I’m telling you is anytime I’m going to make a mobile home purchase or even look and inspect a mobile home, the first thing I do is get under that mobile home.  If you see that the underbelly has holes in it or it’s been cut open and it’s got insulation and power and sewer lines, dre drooping out, that chances are there’s been a water issue or something wrong with the electrical, plumbing or sewer. These can be very, very costly mistakes and very, very costly repairs on your mobile home deal. Making sure that that mobile home is always, always stretched and held in and doesn’t have any holes in it will ensure that no critters or varmints can get into your mobile home underneath and cause even more damage. I hope that this helps you with anything that you wanted to know about the underbelly of a mobile home and I look forward to seeing you on our next video.

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