In my opinion, it is best to start by wholesaling mobile homes before fixing and flipping them, and there are a few reasons why. In this video I explain why I feel this is the best strategy when first starting out, and share some helpful information about the process.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and today we’re going to talk about why you should always wholesale mobile homes first before fixing and flipping them.  Now, people ask me this all the time. The first thing that you want to do is this is really the fastest way for you to get cash in your pocket. So I always tell people, get cash in your pocket first before you learn the fix and flip strategy. This way you don’t lose your assets doing it. The next one is learn about them. This actually gives you the opportunity when you wholesale to learn about them. You’re going to be able to learn what water damage looks like, learned about the underbelly of a mobile home. You’ll be able to learn about the roof and all kinds of other things. That’s important for having knowledge if you’re going to fix and flip them at a later date.  So always, always wholesale mobile homes first. The other thing that I want to talk about is wholesaling does not require a license. Now, people always tell me, oh, I’m buying and selling real estate. No, you’re not. You’re actually using an assignment agreement. If you’ve ever had a mortgage, you know that the mortgage is sold to an end, to another company within five to 10 days of that loan closing. That’s because they use an assignment agreement in those papers for your mortgage, it says that they are And-or-assigning this mortgage or note to another company or individual or bank. That’s the same thing that we’re doing. We’re actually finding a mobile home. We are getting it at a cheaper price. We’re using an assignment agreement, so we’re becoming the and or assigns and we’re assigning that contract to another person. It takes no license and no expertise to do this and these are always the reasons why you should wholesale mobile homes first before fixing and flipping, and I hope this video has helped you with that.

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