So if you are looking to get started in mobile home investing, in this video I am sharing a few ways to help you get started and how to find your first mobile homes to buy.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s video that I’m going to share with you, we’re talking about buying mobile homes as an investment. The first thing that I want you to do is look for FSBOs in mobile home parks and FSBO means for-sale-by-owner. These are people who put signs usually typically in the window of their mobile home that need to sell them fast. Also, mobile homes in mobile home parks are personal property. They have a title, not a deed of trust, meaning that you can close the transaction at the local DMV and under 20 minutes or less. Also find out why they are selling. Finding out why they’re selling and finding a motivated seller is key to this. They may need some quick cash, they might be going through a divorce. There was a death in the family or for some reason they have to move really fast. This actually gives you a competitive edge. Create a win win situation for them and listen. Let them do 95% of the talking and you do five. Listen what their motivation is and help them. If you’re there letting them know that you’re there to help them and you care, then they will more than likely move forward with selling you the mobile home. And last but not least, I want to share with you one more hack. Most real estate investors that I know use this hack. Every offer that you give first should be an offer that embarrasses you. If your first offer to somebody for any purchase of any mobile home or real estate isn’t an embarrassment, then you’re not negotiating well, always low ball them and then work your way up. That guarantees that you’ll get the best deal. And I hope that this video helps you with buying mobile homes as an amazing investment and change your life as well as it’s changed mine.

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