Today I am going to debunk 4 mobile investing myths that are floating around, and help get rid of some of the negative and false beliefs with mobile homes.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s video we’re going to be talking about mobile home investing myth debunked. I have four myths that I want to share with you that I want to debunk for you today and break down those false belief. The first bit that I want to debunk that people always ask me is mobile homes are bad investments. They’re actually not. They’re actually a better investment than traditional real estate. You can get three to four times your money on that investment with mobile homes, making them an amazing little box that spits out cash for you. The next myth I want to debunk is mobile homes can’t retain their value or they depreciate mobile homes do not depreciate. They actually appreciate now 20 years ago they did. However, the market’s changed and since it’s the only affordable housing left in America, they are not depreciating at all making them. Another reason why I chose this amazing niche, the third one that I want to debunk is mobile homes collapse over time or they’re not durable. This is not true. As long as a mobile home has not suffered a fire, they are structurally sound and actually can be rehabbed from the ground up just like you’d restore an old car. You too can restore and Rehab your mobile home. And the fourth myth and final myth that I wanted to debunk is that people who live in mobile homes or trashy or mobile homes themselves are trashy. This actually isn’t true. According to the manufactured Housing Institute, they say that 22 million Americans live in a manufactured or mobile home and 4.5 million of those make six figures or a year or more. And that’s why I chose this amazing recession-proof asset class. I wish you luck on your next mobile home investment.

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