So for those of you who may be working full time, but really want to know how you can start investing in mobile homes part time, this is for you! In this video I explain how much time you can expect to invest as you get started, and some other helpful tips and resources to help get you started!

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in today’s video we’re going to talk about investing in mobile homes while working full time. I get this question a lot. People want to know I have a full time job, but how can I do this part time to are eventually I can fire my boss. So you’re gonna need at least three to five hours a week part time if you really want to make some money with mobile homes. And the next thing I could tell you is to really get knowledge read DealsOn Wheels by Lonnie Scruggs. It’s the only book out there on mobile home investing really in the industry. I’ll be releasing my book soon, mobile home, millions more to come on that later. And another one is to learn your market. Really find out where those mobile home parks are. Are they outside of the metropolitan area or are they in the metropolitan area? Learn your parks and know where they’re located. The next secret that I want to tell you, and this is huge, is to actually visit dealers. Dealers are people who sell new mobile homes. Now I want to share one gold nugget with you about this. Do you know that for every new mobile home that is sold, an old one has to be gotten rid of? That’s right. That means in order for a dealer to sell a new mobile home, they have to actually help the person get rid of their old one first. This becomes a golden nugget and the absolute cash cow for you. Visit those dealers. Let them know that you only sell and buy used mobile homes and you’ll be amazed at the leads that they start sending you. The next one is building your buyers list. Make sure that anytime that you get a lead, you get their email address, their name, their phone number, what location they want to live in, and if they want a three bedroom, two bath or a two bedroom, two bath home, this will help you really go out and be able to find buyers for all the homes that you have.  And the last one is to qualify your leads. Don’t waste time with anybody that you know doesn’t have the money to buy the home. This will help you actually shrink down your time and make you very intentional with your time. I hope that this video on investing in mobile homes while working full time can help you fire your boss at a later date.

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