One of the most important things you can do in this business is build your relationships with mobile home park managers and owners. I say it all the time, your net worth is your network. The more you connect with these individuals the greater chance you have of becoming their go to person when mobile homes become available in their parks.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire. And today’s video is on the benefits of buying and selling mobile homes and mobile home parks versus land. So the one thing that I love about buying mobile homes and parks is that you’re dealing with personal property. This actually makes the transaction super simple because you’re dealing with the title from the DMV, so it’s like a car most of the time you can close those transactions in 20 minutes or less. Also, lot rents cover amazing things. I love partnering with Mobile Home Parks because lot rents cover the ability for them to check the future buyer’s credit, check their background to ensure that they don’t have any criminal history. They also make sure that the home is licensed and insured and they make sure that the home is kept up to date in repairs. And the one biggest thing that I love about it is that nobody can go in there and haul your mobile home away because it’s locked down. These are all the benefits that I love about being able to buy and sell mobile homes and mobile home parks. The next thing I want to talk to you about is mobile homes on land. Truth be told, I don’t buy mobile homes on land any longer for these reasons. Number one, it requires longer wait times. I can’t get my money back as fast out of mobile homes on land one because I’m dealing with real property, which means it’s real estate. And number two, I now have to close at a title company because we’re dealing with deeds of trust. So I no longer really deal with mobile homes on land is I can make more money with mobile homes in parks. Also, mobile homes on land can be taken off that land. I had many instances where people have backed up a pickup truck and they’ve actually hauled away with my mobile home. Therefore I lost my asset. So that’s another reason why I don’t really do mobile homes on land. And then the other reason is because it requires more upkeep. Critters and environments are more likely to get into a mobile home on land and get underneath your skirting and do damage to plumbing, electrical, and sewer lines, all because they’re able to chew their way through the underpinning and underbelly. So these are the differences and the benefits that I see and buying mobile homes and parks versus land. And I hope this helps you make a good decision about whether or not you want to buy mobile homes on land or in parks. If you’ve loved these videos, please join me for my free webinar where I teach you how to buy and sell mobile homes. And the three secrets that top real estate professionals use to grow their profits, whether in a booming or slow economy. Please don’t forget to like comment, share, and subscribe.

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