Mobile home roof replacements can be one of the larger and more expensive repairs to deal with. So in todays video I want to share a few tips with you, that will help you to easily identify potential roof issues, and hopefully avoid those costly repairs.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and today I want to talk about mobile home roof replacements. I’m going to give you three hacks that you can use to inspect your roof without actually having to get on top of it. When you walk the mobile home, the first thing that I want you to do is look for water damage on the ceiling. If you see it, it means there’s been a leak. Water damage looks like streaks going down the wall and discoloration of Brown and different colors around the the ceiling and it like maybe in circles. If that happens, you definitely need to be asking questions because that roof has actually leaked and typically when a mobile home roof leaks, it means you have to fix the ceiling too. Another hack that I use is I fly a drone above the mobile home to really look at the roof and make sure there’s no holes and nothing coming out of it and to ensure there’s no tarp on top of that mobile home. If there is a tarp on the roof, it surely means there’s a roof leak and another thing that I want you to look at is see if there’s sagging from the ceiling. Now, sagging means that one part of the ceiling is actually hanging lower than another part of the feeling. If you have a water leak that’s in the ceiling from the roof, it will cause major sagging and typically if there’s a leak in the roof, that means that both the roof and the ceiling have to be redone and replaced. I hope that these hacks help you whenever you’re looking to replace your roof in your mobile home. If you love these videos, I would love to invite you to my free webinar where I’m going to show you how to buy and sell mobile homes, why mobile homes are little boxes that spit out cash, how you don’t need a real estate license or any real estate experience, and how I get 25 to 30 mobile homes for free every month and how you can to please don’t forget to like comment, share and subscribe.

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