So when it comes to selling a mobile home, you may have some questions on where to start. Well in todays video I want to share a few strategies with you to help you sell your mobile homes fast. The great part about mobile homes is that most of them have a title so all you need to do is get it signed over down at the DMV. You can also use your social media strategy to find more potential buyers quickly.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gandy, bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and on today’s video I want to share with you three tips on how to sell your mobile home fast. The first tip is this transaction can actually be completed in 20 minutes because we’re dealing with the title being held at the DMV. Go on down to your local DMV and you can have the title signed over immediately. The second tip is you get to decide how you want to do it either with cash flow or monthly payments, so you can actually have monthly payments which give you residual cash flow or you can sell it and take that money all in one lump sum. The choice is yours. The third one is to use your apps to sell it. You actually can use apps like let go offer up and five miles to post that mobile home on your apps to take pictures and to sell it quickly. All of those things help you to sell a mobile home fast and if somebody stops making payments on your mobile home, that’s okay. We’re just going to start the process all over and do it again. Giving more money in your pocket, so don’t sweat it. If you love this video, I’d like to invite you to my free Webinar, right? I’m going to teach you how to buy and sell mobile homes and the three secrets that top real estate investors use to grow their profits, whether in a booming or slow economy. Don’t forget to like share, comment, and subscribe and I can’t wait to see you on our next video.

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