There are a lot of stigmas associated with mobile homes these days, and to be honest its one of the things that really gets my blood boiling… because they just aren’t true! In this video I will be sharing some info and statistics to help debunk and dispel some of these common stigmas.

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy,  best selling author and mobile home millionaire, and in this video I’d like to talk to you about mobile home stigmas. Nothing actually gets my blood boiling more than the talking about the stigmas of mobile homes. These are actually those false beliefs that people have and I want to break those down for you. The first one is trailer trash. People think of mobile homes as trailer trash and they’re actually completely the opposite. They are literally the last affordable housing that we have in the United States and they are very much needed in this country because we do have an affordable housing crisis. So don’t ever let me hear you say they’re trailer trash. That next one is, people often say, well, they don’t keep their value. They depreciate. That’s not true. That may have been true 20 years ago, but that’s not true anymore. Have you ever been to California and looked at their mobile homes? They don’t appreciate it all. And there are several states where mobile homes don’t appreciate, I can name a few Arizona, Texas, Florida, just to name a few. Right?

And another stigma that people have is that people who live in mobile homes are actually trashy. I even had people say that those people don’t pay their bills. Let me share some stats with you. According to the manufactured Housing Institute, 22 million Americans actually live in manufactured housing or mobile homes. And of those 22 million, 4.5 million earn six figures or a year or more living in a mobile home. And one in three seniors and baby boomers currently in the United States are moving in to a manufactured house or a mobile home. So I would hardly say that people who live in them are trashy.

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