Have you ever wondered what the differences are between mobile home investing and real estate investing? Well in this video I am sharing some of the key things that set them apart from each other!

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Hi, I’m Chimene Van Gundy.  I’m a bestselling author and mobile home millionaire and today we’re going to be talking about the differences between mobile home investing and real estate investing. So I’d like to share those with you.


First of all, there is a lot of misnomers out there between mobile home investing in real estate investing, and I want to clarify those today. So 90% of all mobile homes in the u s are actually personal property. That means that they sit on a lot in a mobile home park and they’re like a car, they have a title. When you’re dealing with traditional real estate, you’re actually dealing with houses who will have a data trust and often you have to go through a title company in order to close on those. Whereas with mobile homes that are personal property, you just go down to the DMV and change the title so it makes it a lot cheaper and a lot easier.


Second of all is speed. Usually, typically you actually can go can close those transactions in as little as 30 days, but typically before 30 days, making this an amazing investing experience. For the person that’s just starting out. Also, mobile home parks are amazing at keeping up with your, your asset, right, which is your mobile home. They actually take care of doing the background check. They actually take care of the credit check, they make sure that the home stays insured. They also make sure that the mobile home is kept up to date and in pristine condition, right? And then they also make sure that the home’s locked down, meaning that they can’t haul it off in the middle of the night. And those are just some different examples of mobile home investing and real estate investing. And I can’t wait to share my next video with you.


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