Here is a little tidbit of knowledge for you that might very well surprise you. The cost of a manufactured home is on average less than HALF the cost of what a site-built home cost to build. It’s definitely not because you’ve sacrificed quality. No, indeed. That is a misguided concept that some less than scrupulous site-built contractors would love to lead you to believe. The manufactured sector of the housing market has found natural ways to keep costs down by streamlining the process of building and making it far more efficient. Thereby, they have reduced some of the costs long expected to be buried into the build by construction contractors and inevitably, their attorneys.

Think about it for a moment. Gone are the days where the contractor must plan recourse for issues that arise later due to the length of time and uncontrollable variable conditions on a site-built home. Pre-manufactured home builders don’t have to figure in the fallout plan for angry homeowners coming at them after material was soaked by rain. An uncontrollable issue like a rainy season build can wreak havoc on organic product that should never be made wet prior to being sandwiched within the dark confines of a house where mold can grow and spread.  

And if they scrap ruined product, they raise prices with the purchase of new, uncompromised materials and the costs associated with their repeat transport to site, storage during the build, etc. It is an entire headache and hassle that is eliminated and goes so far beyond the cost of new material.

In truth, the manufacturing of a home in one controlled environment has so much more research involved in the materials and the process. There is also very little variable surrounding the process. You are arguably getting a much higher quality home than one that is site built with a bevy of contractors putting their hands in. Those contractors often have virtually no involvement in the entire build and only are concerned with the functionality of their singular aspect of the home, whether it is electrical, plumbing, insulation, etc.

These manufactured homes have proven to be an answer to the affordable housing crisis, and we are seeing that they also provide a great deal of jobs within the US. Almost 100,000 homes were produced in 2018 and the manufactured provided 40,000 jobs. There are 123 manufacturing plants and 35 US corporations running them. The manufacturing sector of the manufactured housing market has contributed nearly 3 billion to the GDP each year.

What this means is that the economy can thank manufactured housing and look to it to provide a great deal of help in answering, not only mounting concerns around affordable housing, but also housing without corners cut due to limited cost and health hazards that go hand-in-hand with site builds when budgets are in place.
Manufactured Housing Institute, “Made in America,” Infographic, May 22, 2019

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