I was raised in and out of the foster care system. I didn’t always have a mother to teach me how to behave like a lady or how to survive in a male-driven world. Life was my teacher and from it I learned some basic truths that I held close as I grew up and as I laid the foundation for what would one day become my empire. Among these was the fact that it was reiterated, so I would understand, that there are no guarantees in life. If I was expecting things to just work out in my favor or at least always be fair, I may be entirely mistaken and terribly disappointed. But I also held firm to the belief that every woman can be a catalyst for change and perhaps more than change–and pardon the pun–a catalyst for dollars.


Change equating to dollars just makes good ole common sense, right?


With almost a quarter of our population trying to survive off around 20 grand a year, the market for affordable housing is HOT. Mobile homes fit the bill for many people who struggle to pay them. This makes the American Dream and getting that little slice of the pie slightly more achievable for those who were fed up with going hungry. I knew that I could facilitate that dream for families, couples and individuals who always put there hard-earned money into paying down someone else’s mortgage and never building a bit of equity for themselves. More than that, I could take a lifetime renter and transition them to a homeowner. A real fairy godmother and a fairy tale ending…what could be better than when everybody wins?


When you invest in mobile homes you invest in yourself and your ability to turn a profit. Investing in real estate isn’t new. It’s the idea of investing in a smaller, perhaps less attractive property that causes pause. But here is the truth, you can invest $80-100k in a home and flip it and maybe profit a couple of hundred dollars a month, or you can invest $10-15k in a couple of homes and profit closer to $1k a month. That is money coming from a note you or another trusted lien holder keeps.


Anytime I spend money on a mobile home deal, I make an investment. Investing by definition is the act of spending money in order to make more money. The risk is there but it is minimal. Your money isn’t tied up and managed by some third party with penalties and caveats you never fully understand or know. Why trust that system? Why trust that the government will not change in such a way that we lose all we should be entitled to when we are in our golden years?


Why not control your own money and your own returns? Sure, there is still a risk  you manage, but the payout is substantial and offers a greater sense of security over time.  


Your takeaway?


You wouldn’t jeopardize your future and put your head in the sand about  your health, simply hoping serious symptoms are not pointing to even more serious problems. So why be so carefree about any other aspect of your future and your financial health?


Don’t bury your head regarding your investments and your net worth.

Be able to account for every penny. It may seem daunting but it isn’t when you take small, concise steps to an overall goal. As long as every step is in the right direction, you will get there–and when you’re there–you will never go back.


And I will bet on that, and I bet you will bet on you.


The College Investor, How To Live Comfortable On Just $20,000 Per Year, Alexa Mason, November 17, 2017.